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  • płytki / PCB
  • zestawy do montażu / DIY
  • gotowe urządzenia / assembled ready to use 

Niki2, Niki2 PA, front Niki2, digiQ, mikroQ80, izolator audio, separator USB, speech compressor. 



Niki2 the new GOLD front

Niki2 QRO – 15…20W – Easy to use, ready to ship !!!

Niki2PA QRO module

Easy to use, ready to ship 🙂


The new DIGI interface “digiQ

See “Modules” for details…

Niki2 – the new all band Digi TRX (1W or 20W), with green front panel

*** The best DIY TRX for you ***



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A simple audio isolator

Multiple DC Power Outlets 13,8V

Max current: 30A

Cable: heavy-duty 6mm2, color-coded

Outlets: 5 pairs – real heavy-duty, 35A, 25A, 15A, 10A and 5A

Additional brackets: it allows you to mount your power strip in the most convenient way…

PRICE: 78 eur

Power strip description

Opis listwy zasilającej 

The Antenna Tuner ATU-100 (based on N7DDC project)

139 eur